Terms & Conditions Detail's

1. Preamble

Terms of service forms an important, binding document for CashSaveKaro.com users. CashSaveKaro.com is owned and managed by _CashSaveKaro Marketing____ (hereby referred to as "we", "us", "Company", “site” ) The member of the website is hereby referred to as ( “You” “user/users”, “Yours”). These terms of service are the legal terms and conditions agreed upon by you, at all the times, while using the service through CashSaveKaro.com.

2. Registration:

Only after agreeing to the terms of service will you be allowed to register at the website. You agree that all the information submitted by you at the time of registration is true. False or malicious information can result in termination of registration. You are not supposed to run any paid ads on social media platforms pointing to the site.

3. Core Service:

We offer different types of services. The cashback service allows users to register with us. Successful creation of account results in cashback to you on purchases that are tracked from the retailer to the site. A confirmation is required from retailer’s end that the user’s purchase is tracked, authentic and successful. The resulting cashback must be obtained by the site.Any failure to detect transaction using the affiliate tracking system might result in no payment to the site, thus depriving the registered user from receiving a cashback.

Referral fee can be earned by our members by introducing new members to the site. Ten percent of the cashback received by those new members would be credited as cashback to the members who introduced these new members to the site. This is applicable as long as members at both these levels remain a member of the site. Read further for detailed information about the same.

4. Membership Criteria:

16 years is the minimum age criteria to register at the site. All the information entered at the time of registration must be accurate and genuine. Proper furnishing of bank account details and cheque payments will result in smooth and hassle free cashback from us. You must ensure that you are authorized to use the cashback receipt method. This information needs to be updated from time to time. Also be informed about the minimum and maximum payment that may be allowed for your cashback receipt method. Keep your email id and relevant information updated and respond to the mails you receive on it. Kindly do not share the email id with third parties. We won’t be liable for any leakage of emails or sensitive data.

5. Declaimer:

Customers who buy products through the Program will be deemed to be customers of CashSaveKaro. Accordingly, all CashSaveKaro.com rules, policies, and operating procedures concerning customer orders, customer service, and product sales will apply to such customers with respect to their transactions at CashSaveKaro.com. If customer buys the product from any referral websites and after delivering the product is not up to the mark then CashSaveKaro will not take any guaranty for that. We may change our policies and operating procedures at any time consistent with applicable laws. Since prices and availability may vary from time to time, Affiliate may not display CashSaveKaro’sprice information on Retailer’s Site. CashSaveKaro will use commercially reasonable efforts to present current and accurate information, but cannot guarantee the availability or price of any particular event.